ALIPRO’s consulting services provide the insights to our clients to transform their culture and the expertise to do it. Our global network and experienced professionals will deliver the solution you need, when you need it and where you need it.

We will be there by your side to support and help your project teams drive to the finish line.  Our services are cost-effective and tailored for moving your business forward


ALIPRO engages with our clients by helping them to improve their existing Project Management Office (PMO) performance or to navigate the pitfalls of establishing a new PMO.

A well-managed PMO should ensure successful project delivery. Many PMOs struggle to provide value-added processes which allow project teams to execute their work consistently and efficiently.

We start every engagement by assessing the current state and the organization’s project management maturity. ALIPRO professionals will benchmark your practices against industry leaders and develop a roadmap that identifies the project management gaps in your standards, process(es), expertise and tools. Each gap identified will be accompanied with recommendations for performance improvement.

PMO Managed Services

ALIPRO’s managed service approach differs from standard staffing. A staffing firm provides resources where your PMO is responsible for managing the day-to-day performance of these resources. When you partner with ALIPRO, we provide a managed workforce solution that supplements your PMO, resulting in your organization achieving improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.


Whether your organization has a short-term resource need, or desires a long-term resourcing strategy, ALIPRO can help. We connect talented people with remarkable companies across the world.  Our recruiters are former project managers who understand your needs and have the capability to locate top talent.

Our proprietary assessment process ensures the resources we place begin driving value on day one. As technology changes and business moves faster, you can rely on ALIPRO to deliver the expertise and talent that you need to bring your ideas and products to life.

Our Clients