ALIPRO OnTime solves the problem of collecting real-time status of in-flight work. For a project status meeting to be a benefit for all, the meeting should be to proactively resolve issues and take actions, not collect status.

Many project managers rely on word-of-mouth, Excel or email to collect work updates from team members. These methods are inefficient and add additional cost to the business. ALIPRO OnTime solves the problem of how to collect the real-time status of in-flight work.

OnTime eliminates the need for additional software for your team members. It is a simple and secured cloud-based solution. When you update with OnTime, your team members receive a link sent directly to their email which requires nothing more than an internet connection and a browser to communicate.

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Microsoft Project
Tool Box

ALIPRO has simplified Microsoft Project® by `making it more powerful and useful to your project managers. Our Tool Box is a set of unique software add-ons to Microsoft Project® (2010 or later). By increasing functionality, enhancing existing features and simplifying the software interfaces, project managers can trace plan logic, see true critical paths, review project status, fix logic errors and more with a ‘simple’ click.

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